Lord’s Abode

Finally, I get a photo of the Lord’s abode! In all its majestic timeless glory!

The ‘landfill’ between the pristine Bhaagirati peaks and my friend, is actually a glacier (slow moving river of ice) that eventually forms the river Bhaagirati. Perhaps, decades ago this glacier too looked pure white.


7 comments on “Lord’s Abode”

  1. Super backdrop… wish you could have somehow managed to get this guy out of the pic!

    • Yes, I too wish Jai had brought a pic without anyone in it 🙂 But then, thanks to him we have at least this one.
      This place is heavenly!

  2. What an awesome mountain! My husband, who did mountain climbing in his younger days, had to search out its location. He was so impressed with the vertical rock face. Thanks for sharing this image.

  3. Oh, I am happy to hear that. This is a peak in the Himalayan range in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is in a place called Tapovan.
    I love this pic, for it clearly shows that the Himalayas are called mighty for nothing 🙂

  4. Wowie!!! Looks so Amazing. When did you go here?? How was it?? You must tell us about your travel tales!!

    • Yup..amazing no doubt, but I wasn’t there! It is my friend’s ..right now I have just enough time to travel to office and back 🙂

  5. Very impressive landscape and mountains. I like the softer touch of the clouds over these mighty chain of mountains.

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