Minimalism and opulence

Here is another fascinating example of the contrast between the East and West.

The West, birth place of industrialization and consumerism, strangely enough has an art tradition(dating back to the Roman times) that celebrates minimalism, realism… The East, on the other hand, steeped in spirituality and asceticism, is home to lavish display of passion and beauty!

Man is indeed complex.
(My last take on East-West dichotomy was posted here. And, thanks to Sakhi for bringing the photo of Venus from Louvre 🙂 The counter figure is one of the 42 madanikas from Belur. They were modelled after the Hoysala queen Shantala).


8 comments on “Minimalism and opulence”

  1. mohini is what i like…

  2. Such contrasting styles. What a wonderful observation you’ve made. We are indeed complex creatures, each with our own ideals of beauty.

    The Romans based much of their style on the Greeks who went through a more ornate period themselves, beginning c. 300 BC, known as Hellenistic. As a Westerner, my ideal of beauty is shown in the sculptures of Michelangelo, the one of The Dying Slave, especially. (Sakhi, I wonder if you saw these at the Louvre too). Michelangelo was also influenced by the Romans and Greeks but seemed to breathe more compassion into his statues, something I find missing in the aloof facial expressions on both these female figures.

    • Statues with expression! Never thought of that…I feel a neutral facial expression lends an air of timelessness to them. Put an expression and even a centuries old status looks like it is alive and hence, it instantly sheds it antiquity. Time is so relative. Good comment Amy, thanks!

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