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Apr 27 2012

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Focal Length:22mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

From 1121 to 1207, a great churning of rock took place at present day Halebeedu. What emerged was the cream of beauty ..upon stones  quarried and carried from places 200km afar.  Silently, a  pantheon of gods arose and with them, human perseverance and craftsmanship reached its pinnacle. For centuries, the ignorant have come here to worship and the fanatics, to despair.

As the eyes drink  the finest nectar of beauty , the soul kneels with Gratitude.

8 comments on “Pantheon”

  1. nice writeup!

  2. beautful! but hopefully more images of that temple will be posted here?

  3. “As the eyes drink the finest nectar of beauty , the soul kneels with Gratitude.” Loved this line. And superb pic… I love the way our sculptors carved and carved and out came their imagination of gods and goddesses. A true beauty!

    We have been planning to go to HaLebeedu for a long time now… hope to go soon…

  4. *cream of beauty* LOL
    Nice description. Better than the photo itself 🙂 (come on, do some more PP on photo) 🙂

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