By: swaps

Oct 21 2011

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Category: Architecture, city, culture, Temple


Focal Length:5.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Imagine dressing in a century old style and walking down the streets of a modern city, it’s a sure fire way to stand out of the crowd. And no one pulls off this trick more elegantly than old building tucked away in the concrete jungle that is today’s Bangalore.  Like this church on Avenue Road (known for book stalls) that stops you in your tracks and makes you grab your friend’s mobile phone! I hope these diamonds are forever.

6 comments on “Anachronism”

  1. for a mobile phone camera, this pic has come out well 🙂 And gems are forever but life moves on and a lot of gems are destroyed or lost on the way… sad but a reality! Plus, it gives a way for the new things to come up…

  2. But the new things must be beautiful…not just utilitarian

  3. Do we have a Wheat Memorial too somewhere tucked in… 🙂

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