Colours, drama and music..!!

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9 comments on “Colours, drama and music..!!”

  1. OMG… its awesome. It loved the 12th pic the most. Absolutely stunning it is. Wish i was there. You still have to tell me the story.

  2. Lovely images here. Doing justice to the colourful attire – but the story needs to be told, though! Weblinks will do…

  3. Alright alright.

    Once there lived a king, Karthayeerya Arjuna, living testimony of the heights to which a man can rise. Born a cripple with no arms, he won a boon from Dattatraya and got a 1000 arms. Lording over a prosperous and peaceful kingdom that reigned supreme in every field of excellence. His court could put the heavens to shame…BUT his queens were not happy. Yeah…ALL 500 of them!! Not that they were deprived of anything, indeed there was too much of something. Heat. They were desperate for relief from the swealtring heat in the palace. Some fun and frolic on the banks of river Narmada would be just the thing. Now, can a man argue with his wife…esp 500 of them?? So the royal entourage sets forth on the tour.

    The day long journey to the spa was uneventful yet Karthayeerya’s woes were just beginning. Karthayeerya’s consorts are still unhappy because the river level is low…’nothing less than neck-deep will do’, so they demand (for apparent reasons). Karthayeerya decides to put his numerous arms to good use, he builds a dam across the river with 500 arms (so he may spare the other 500 for his wives). The river waters rise and everyone is pleased. Or so it appears. For, unbeknown to Karthayeerya, Ravana, the Asura king from Lanka has made a linga out of sand on the river bank albeit a little upstream, and is offering his prayers to his fav deity Lord Shiva. The rising river soon submerges Ravana’s makeshift prayer room and leaves Ravana fuming. When Ravana discovers the reason, the stage was set for the clash of titans. You see, Ravana had long fancied himself as an unvanquished conqueror but reports of Karthaveerya’s gallantry had been grating on his ears. Ravana decides to siege the opportunity and set records straight. Ravana invites Karthaveerya to a duel; for the later it was nobelesse oblige.

    Perhaps it was a welcome relief for Karthaveerya too. I mean, why strain 500 arms over insatiable wives when you can wrestle with just two. To cut a long story short, Karthaveerya, after suffering some early reverses in the ensuing brawl, overpowers Ravana and returns to his capital with Ravana as a trophy, to be safely kept in a dungeon.

    This episode, started by wives, had to be closed by wives. Right? Ravana for all his foibles was a learned man. As is borne by the fact that he was ‘monogamous’ (by contemporary standards). I mean, he had two wives, whose love (or was it rivalry) was such that no sooner he had become Karthayeerya’s guest, they began a hunger strike. With such determination as to send Ravana’s guru Shukraacharya to Karthayeerya pleading for Ravana’s release. Once again, it was nobelesse oblige for Karthayeerya. A contrite Ravana promptly embraces Karthayeerya and returns to Lanka. The End.


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