Red Crown

By: swaps

Feb 18 2010


Category: birds, city


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

Just outside my bedroom! Imagine what you might find in the forests!

Imagine 50-100 years back…!

Dare we imagine 50 years hence… 😦


8 comments on “Red Crown”

  1. What vibrant colours!!!

    A true treasure house you have there…………

  2. Why is it looking so sad???

  3. awe…what a shot!!!

  4. @Mavin, yaporie… 🙂

    @Sakhi, no way… it was just busy, feasting on worms 🙂

    @Axinia, isn’t is… it interrupted my breakfast 🙂

  5. Woodpecker colours are so much less vibrant here in Canada. They probably have to work twice as hard with their pecking to establish their territories and attract mates.

  6. @Amy, yeah this one is indeed a head turner 🙂

  7. We get a few woodpeckers here, but nothing as bright as this one. (I’m in Wales, UK). What a beautiful photo.


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