Someone is finding out how tough it is to impress a lady…

12 comments on “Courtship”

  1. lol @ your words… usually it IS difficult to impress a female! 🙂

    and love the composition of the pic… lovely!

  2. @Sakhi, what do you think the lady above is saying/thinking??

  3. “go on you duffer… make fool of yourself and humour me, till then i will wait for Mr. right!”

    how about that? 😛

  4. @Sakhi, sounds all too familiar… have met before??

  5. i think she thinks: “I pretend not to be intrested, but in fact, I will give you one more try to impress me” 🙂

  6. @Axinia, that too sounds familiar… after all, why lose all the attention. 🙂

  7. familiar…so what? we all have a limited number of beahviour patterns 🙂

  8. @Axinia, no way… women have unlimited cards up their sleeves 🙂

  9. Female birds must be the pickiest on the planet. I’m always amazed at how hard the males try to look stunning for their benefit.

  10. @Amy, they have to be choosy, after all, at stake is the survival of the species.

  11. She’s saying – “Your legs are a lovely shade of pink, but your armpits – poo!”


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