By: swaps

Dec 31 2009

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Category: birds, dusk


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

It is only a baby but had already mastered the dulcet nuances of a Bulbul’s tweet.

Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Bulbul.

9 comments on “Prodigy”

  1. What a dear little creature. I’ve never heard these called ‘bulbul.’ Very sweet.

  2. @amy, these Bulbul’s can make a two tone sound. Once you hear you won’t forget.
    More here :
    (The one above is a very young Red-whiskered Bulbul).

  3. Take a bow………

  4. Swaps, it looks so much like the black-capped chickadees that we see here in Canada.

  5. @Mavin, but it was quite agitated to enjoy it own renditions.

    @Amy, I thought so too but it was calling like a Bulbul, so it had to be a young one … later it will grow some red whiskers AND a crown too 🙂

  6. wow beautiful friend

  7. […] was snapped at office. A youngish Bulbul is here.) […]

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