By: swaps

Aug 25 2009

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… an indifferent world
We have but each other


10 comments on “Warmth”

  1. Awww… how sweet and heart warming 🙂

  2. Heart warming is just the what came to my mind. The photographs, as usual. are terrific.

  3. PS: The two had been hanging out on the road fringe for a couple of days. That same afternoon I took this snap, and hours after this post, they were run over by a truck. They were here for less than a week.

  4. what a story… hope they will be born agin together…

  5. What a cute little pair!

    They were killed by a truck??? 😯 Poor little things 😥

  6. Swaps, your photograph, captions and then report of their subsequent demise tear at my heart. Such warm innocence, wiped away in a heartbeat. S

    • @Sioneve, but look at it this way…though they were short-lived, they could inspire such passion, such pathos in a heart so far off. They really LIVED IT UP.

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