Green Bangles

Serenity and dignity


11 comments on “Green Bangles”

  1. Where have you clicked it???

  2. the title is very true…good choice!

  3. I would go with ‘Red Saree’. Don’t you think it stands out more?

    • Green bangles are traditionally worn by married Indian women… whatever may change but not the colour of the bagles. That is why I chose it.

  4. Been a while since you posted one of your awesome pics… waiting 🙂

  5. Everything looks good…except the nose-ornament she’s wearing.

    • It is worn that was to accentuate the pointedness of the nose ….or better still, to create an illusion of a bead of sweat 😉

  6. reminds me of ravi varma’s painting….is it ravi varma’s?

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