960 million!!

That is how old Chamundi hill  is.

(Here clouds gather over the hill – seen in the distace, just over the tree tops. As rain sweeps in from the right.)


13 comments on “960 million!!”

  1. This is not an easy photo to interpret

  2. I cannot presume that I am an expert on judging photographs. Someone may find it great. I can’t understand Picasso and wouldn’t pay a penny to buy his work if I did not know it was his…

  3. Oh hang on! This is not the photo I saw when I commented! That was entirely different and I coundn’t make out where the hills ended and the sky started! Thia one is sure very good…I understand it!

  4. The clouds look good but the hill looks too small behind the trees.

    Destination Infinity

  5. I did not understand the title 960 million.

  6. well, well….may be the sepia effect shud not be there …..in clear colors this foto would have been great 🙂

    • hey sahaja… where are you these days??? *missing*


      sorry to take up space here to communicate with sahaja… pardon me!

  7. Nice catch… but then I like most of your work, so that’s nothing new 🙂

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