A Pair

Must be an exotic specie of crow.

11 comments on “A Pair”

  1. This is the first time I have seen crows of this type. The last different type I saw were black but had bright yellow beaks!

  2. a really nice picture!

  3. The bird with the open beak sure would be the female of the species 😛

  4. The bird with *mouth shut* seems to be female. Because its head looks little different and kinda padded with features. Don’t Know, its just a *wild* guess 😀

  5. Hey guys, just wait for them to chase each other …the one chasing would be the male and the one chosen would be the female. Nice pic as usual, Swaps!

  6. wow…white crows !!
    :O man, i still dint buy a camera yet!! back from my hibernation 🙂 wud do soon and try giving u a tough competition 😛

  7. I think they are River Terns.

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