W(h)ither future?

By: swaps

Apr 08 2009

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Category: Crisis, dusk


I found the ‘green’ banner hung in London during the G20 summit true.
It said, Nature Doesn’t Do Bailouts!


12 comments on “W(h)ither future?”

  1. Even a bailout doesn’t bail you out. It is just that the next Government has to face the flack, that’s all!!

    Destination Infinity

  2. The banner message is amusing. 🙂
    The picture above though, makes me want to fly into a beautiful sunset.

  3. awesome photograph.. 😀

  4. OMG!! how did u take that pic?

  5. powerful photo, my friend!

  6. bright is a word found in the dictionary and this picture 🙂

  7. Nice pic swaps! Yes, indeed nature is a great leveller… hence no need of bailouts.

  8. On a second thought, i liked the direction of the bird 🙂

    P.S> Any caustic remark from is awaited!

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