In nature there is no death or destruction at all. What occurs is the reshuffling of atoms. If there is a need or necessity to maintain the balance of ‘energy’ in this universe, death occurs.


12 comments on “Ressurection”

  1. The end of the life force IS death, Swaps.

  2. wow, what a take!!!
    you are just great, my friend.

  3. where did my comment go swaps? 😦

  4. In nature there is DEATH but the place left vacant by the death is taken over by the younger generations.. be it insects, plants us or any other animal!

  5. That’s a deep thought

  6. kya baat hai…

    you getting philosophical….??? OMG…cannot comment on heavy topics “maintain balance of energy” and “death”…have taken a holiday from philosophy….just enjoying these snaps

  7. I said,

    Death is as natural as birth, isnt it swaps?

    When it comes to energy, balance and science etc..I always end up admiring Mother nature…the best possible teacher, philosopher!
    Is she not all pervading, including us!

  8. The imbalance and the balance is created by the same nature. It is just written!

    Destination Infinity

  9. a quite chinese touch…

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