By: swaps

Mar 09 2009


Category: city


Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SX100 IS

A friend for all times..

Time is my best ally..

(Just  musing on this photo of my friend, sporting a watch,  shot inside a bus. Street photography can be very satisfying.)

12 comments on “Times”

  1. Another “timeless” snap!

  2. hmmm… and i thought we got to see real swaps!! 😉

  3. Waiting for the time when we can see the smug bug behind the lens.

  4. I echo Gopinath’s comments.

    Unusual idea to say the least.

  5. @swaps: This one is just average…..not worth in this blog
    @everyone: U don’t want to see the smug bug behind the lens….had a tough time putting up with it for the last eternity 😉

  6. I echo Adarsha’s comment 🙂

  7. i too thought its real swaps! but it doesnt make this any less to awesome snap! 😀

  8. CONGRATS, my dear!! Absolutely genious snap!! you are getting better and better very day 🙂

    Boy, I cann’t believe you said “genius snap” 🙂

  9. Thanks you all for the approbation!! I was very satisfied with this shot…it is like an ad shot.

  10. you liked it only after axinia endorsed it 😛 😛 initially you echoed Adarsh’s comment… you chnage stand like a politician 😛 😛

    j/k 🙂

  11. it is ineed a very good picture, true, like an ad!!

  12. so bad ……………….

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