So Close

Life is dull if the greatest thing in life – life, itself is not risked.

(While some have just one purpose in life – to be spoilpsports, like the one in the foreground :-//


7 comments on “So Close”

  1. Wow.. what synchronisation..

  2. Had you been positioned slightly differently, it may well have turned out to be an ward winning photo – with that cluster of Dhruvs perched on the tail of that plane! Still a very fine photo…you are a natural, no doubt an have an inbuilt timer and visualiser.

    • @Vinod, thanks …you know, I like to think a good photo is an award in itself.

      @Gopi, thanks. In this case, grabbing the opportunity meant missing the real show…but your appreciation more than compensates the loss 🙂

  3. You grabbed the opportunity to get this wonderful pic for us! Luck favors those who are prepared to grab that opportunity, I would say.

  4. ok ok so you synchronise well too!! Is it okay now that i gave compliments to you too!! 😛 😛

    On a serious note, your timing is great! 🙂

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