What joy …

To break bread with squirrels.
This one is too young to fear humans, and eats the crumbs of bread sitting on the window sill.


8 comments on “What joy …”

  1. Yes, young ones know no fear! Lovely Pic!

  2. sweet! But it is not a squirrel 🙂

  3. Swaps

    What is it then? A rodent with a bushy tail – that it is anyway.

    Almost looked like the one which pops onto our bedroom grill and does a merry dance. When the windows are shut they have a merrytime oblivious of any of us around. However, if we are to go a little closer – whoosh.they are gone.

    We have three – four squirrels on a mango tree just outside our residence. They have not yet mustered courageto get inside the house. I am told they can destrroy mattresses, carpets…etc. Better out that in I say.

    • What’s in a name, a cutie by any name is just as cute 🙂
      Mavin, when we have wiped out entire species, must we complain about damaged carpets?

  4. They are very agile too! I’ve seen a full-sized squirrel do a tight-rope run on a stretched cable that was less than a cm in diameter.

  5. I too have one such squirrel snap.. they look so adorable!! 🙂

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