Wet & Wild

Such a beauty…benignly  sun-bathing.
Feels like reaching out to tickle under its muzzle.


9 comments on “Wet & Wild”

  1. It is wet and it is wild…but it is not benign…

    • Vinodh, Raj – it is more than benign and far from repulsive, for it had the heart to tolerate us in its territory, something even man cann’t.

  2. I’m not fond of this scaly water lizard at all! 😐

  3. this one seems to be a enjoying the sun 🙂

  4. Neat! I hope you were a few feet away..

  5. really amazing. i went on looking at this frequently. -kaligananath gudadur

  6. Really amazing snap..

  7. I had missed this pic somehow! 🙂

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