R(d) e s o l u t ! o n s…

By: swaps

Jan 03 2009

Category: Philosophy


Well said Calvin!

18 comments on “R(d) e s o l u t ! o n s…”

  1. Virtue isn’t better than vice…many would love to hear that. Dawood already knows it!

  2. hahaha…..no comments 😉

  3. That’s superb.

    After all darkness is just absence of light and does not an independent existence. analogy extension gets us some queer arguments……..hahaha..:)

  4. More sinned than sinned against…true

  5. Nice take on new year resolutions! Do read mine too…

  6. 🙂
    IN order to improve oneself one hast to have…a desire, values do not matter. If the desire is there, it suggests that a certain value system is there – a value system according to which one wants to improve oneself, right?

    • Axinia, I have concluded that there is innocence and rest all is elaborate hypocrisy. When a kid (Calvin) says, we must accept 🙂

  7. Cool… Sometimes when i see the world going the way it is, i too think whether bad is really bad? and if yes, then how come the good suffers so much! GOD, i am getting really confused


    No confusion. Doctrine of karma ta play, that is all.

  8. yea, but who is behind that kid??

  9. what means “our value system?”

    • Axinia, this catechism is getting tough. By ‘our value system’ I mean all the religious, communal codes of conduct with their exceptions, priorities etc. Will it help? People will behave according to their nature.

  10. Swaps, I believe that a certain drarma/condes of conduct are built in all humans, otherwise there will be no such a thing as “conscience”, the inner watcher (and it does exsist in everyone!!)…
    This world is ever changing, and flowing, but still…there is a certain gravity – that is the part of the game.

  11. The little kid and his stuffed tiger are very wise indeed! 😉 🙂

  12. A very apt portrayal of the dilemmas of the mind. Looking forward to read more thought provoking stuff like this.

    Destination Infinity

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