El Dorado is…

“My men measure riches in gold

But it’s more

It’s power and fame

I despise them for it.

If I, Aguirre, want the birds to drop dead from the trees

… then the birds will drop dead from the trees.

I am the wrath of god.

The earth I pass will see me and tremble.”

( This is a still form Werner Herzog’s “Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes”, showing Aquirre holding his wounded daughter.)

3 comments on “El Dorado is…”

  1. I was just imagining how different the movie would be if it was made by Hollywood 🙂

    Aguirre is indeed a strong archetype of madness and greed and overestimation of one own capabilities that was characteristic to so many who wanted to conquer the “New World”.

    • Hello Leelajesus, I feel Aquirre is not human, but the wrath of God that periodically incinerates the rot in the world. It is inevitable.

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