A pearl set in dark silence.

A dream adrift in my sleep.

So near, yet so far.


11 comments on “Pearl”

  1. looks so serene!! 🙂

  2. its very nice..
    as I already mentioned you are very good at taking photos during night.

  3. Regal…..

    We must now come and visit Mysore.


    Welcome! You can even stay here, it’s now a hotel!!

  4. Sakhi, it is serene….being on the outskirts of the city. It is almost sleepy around there.

    Kanagu, I bet you can do well too. Thanks 🙂

  5. thats so royal :-)……

  6. The beauty of silence and loneliness 😉

  7. I grew up near this place. But I am still smitten by its grandeur and aloofness.l

  8. swaps, you are too good at night shots!!!

  9. Axinia, thanx.
    Must admit I am good at it only if the subject has already been professionally illuminated.

  10. beautifully captured 🙂

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