Mysore is an eponym of Mahishasura – a fearsome asura slain by Godess Durga.

Hence, she is also called ‘Mahishasura mardhini’.

Nothing strange in a Godess and a place deriving their names from an evil incarnate.

Reminds me of  Joker laughing at Dark Knight, “Kill you? I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you? … You … you complete me.

And on another occasion… Joker again, ” I think you and I are destined to do this forever.”

Good and evil complement each other.  They cann’t exist alone.

(I hope a little of his blood runs in me).

14 comments on “Mahishasura”

  1. Guess what???
    When I was in 3rd class, we went to here, and I after 3 years I used to get this in my dreams almost everyday for about an year….I never realised I saw that before…and used to feel its my own creativity hehe….I got scared seeing it hehe it feels funny now
    I am smiling …reminded me of my childhood….Thank you Swaps 🙂

    And abt what you wrote down….perfectly agree :)…just like darkness and light 😀

  2. Yes Sahaja, As a child even I was mesmerized by him. He was coool 🙂

  3. “Good and evil complement each other. They cann’t exist alone.”

    Loved this line.. how true it is!! 🙂

  4. you are a expert in taking photographs at night. Very nice. Coments given below is also very apt one.

  5. He looks both fearsome and awesome! 😉

  6. Sakhi and Kanagu, I am glad you saw my point. And this point must be remembered when we try to understand our present crises.

    Raj, this is probably the only photo of Mahishasura shot at night…..hence the effect.

  7. i think he got a fresh coat of paint for this dasara !
    however photograph is good.
    comments are superb.


    Fresh coat of paint?? Hummm, nice job 🙂

  8. relativity at play u can’t differentiate good without bad !

  9. Diabolish personalities are very attractive somehow. If you only take Hitler or Stalin – they were LOVED by millions ….
    that is the part of the game.

    But only the peroson of LIGHT attracts really -and by doing so, elevates you.

  10. A x i n i a,
    What I mean is good or bad, people are mere puppets playing their role, seldom aware of the bigger picture. Personally, I am no more inclined to worship good than I am to loath evil….want to strike kinda enlightened detachment.

  11. i love to take the name of mahishasura mardhini when i sense danger and it works really cool. aaah now i know why Mysore always reminds me of this asura!

  12. Radha, I identify myself with asuras….I am danger 🙂

  13. you are a danger??

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