By: swaps

Oct 20 2008

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Category: Flower, Nature



8 comments on “Blend”

  1. hey wow…..was it in water???

  2. hey, thats nice!! why the green hue??

  3. Thanks to both ‘S’s 🙂
    I was focusing the flower through opening between leaves….this is the effect of a camera having a single field of focus.
    (Instead of the flower you can have somebody’s face).

  4. oh.. this is really beautiful. I thought you have added some green tint to it. Amazing.

    Kudos to you 🙂

  5. Thanks kanagu. One learns these thinks once a camera falls into the hands.

  6. really intresting…
    I never learn any tricks, I just click 🙂


    Yes, you do. But framing, cropping are tricks too 🙂


    Yes, spontaneity is the best ‘trick’.

  7. great yaar….I dont know this technical stuff yet…hmm should learn soon 🙂

  8. Yes, this is a good trick! 🙂

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