Humans = rodents

As human encroachment on forest increases, wild animals are forced to seek food in nearby villages and even cities. Hence, the conflict.

7 comments on “Humans = rodents”

  1. yeah… its really sad to see what human race has done to the ecology of earth!! 😦

  2. this is real good….both picture and the quote!!!

    and i dont think u wud be surprised if I say I have got one similar :)….I am smiling 😀

  3. @Sakhi, checkout the 2nd link (auto generated).

    @Sahaja, I would be surprised if we had similar thoughts.

  4. GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 😡

    How dare these stupid, greedy, idiotic descendants of the big apes put the most wonderful creature on the planet in a cage!

    These nasty, lowly bipeds! They breed like rats and spread like the plague on Mother Earth, wiping out so many species belonging to both the plant and animal kingdoms with their insatiable greed 😡 Shame on the human race!


    I expected you to spill even more bile 🙂

  5. Ya….i dont think we have similar thoughts :)….

  6. Oh! pity to see this beauty in cage.

  7. hi swaps,

    If you find sometime visit my blog.

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