Time is still

By: swaps

Oct 10 2008

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Category: city, Flower, Nature


Time moves so slow here, I can wait for some bee to pose for a snap.

12 comments on “Time is still”

  1. Stunning shot!


    Thanks Raj.
    – Swaps

  2. Thats was spectacular!!!

  3. Thanks Sahaja. Welcome! do explore my archives.

  4. wow, awesome pic! What camera and what shutter speed did you use?

  5. Thanks Sakhi. I use Canon SX100 in auto mode….no sweat 🙂

  6. The bee in deep contemplation before the swift final descent and “suck-out” operation.

    How in heavens do you get to the right spot at the right time and get a snap with the right focus and depth, auto camera notwithstanding?

  7. @Mavin, you must praise the gardener and The Gardener. I was lucky to be there…that’s all.
    (Thanks for your imaginative words. You really make my efforts worth the while 🙂

  8. Sure

    We will praise the gardener and The Gardener.

    Good One – You also have a way with words. 🙂


  9. blu and black striped body,she’s so cute!

  10. Hey radha, nice to see ya after so long 🙂

  11. hai swaroop photos are very fine thank u

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