Today we are offering pooja to our weapons. Hope someday we will use them.
(A jaguar bomber participates in Dasara.)

5 comments on “Weapon”

  1. You actually do pooja of instruments / implements at place of work or at home.

    The idea is to express gratitude to these instruments / implements for giving assistance in life and helping in earning your living.

    I was not aware that it also included weapons. Good!!

  2. You were NOT aware!! It is after all Ayudha pooja, it is primarily for weapons. Since we don’t have one, we make do with our vehicles, knives, scissors ….such oddments 🙂

  3. Traditionally, this pooja was always about your tools, instruments, implements, gadgets, machines and the like………Probably, weapons are no longer relevant from a common man’s point of view.

    On checking, I found that we never worshipped weapons in the family for the last 60 – 70 years. I cannot say what happened before that.

    That’s the reason why I was a little surprised.

  4. Well, I guess some weapons must be oiled, polished and kept ready for use . . . but at same time, hope the need to use them never arises . . . 😐

  5. @Mavin, check here : http://www.durga-puja.org/ayudha-puja.html
    You know, anything you start one this day usually meets success.

    @Raj, One must possess weapons so that the need to use them doesn’t arise.

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