Someone said, “All great experiences are sensual”.
Another carved up rocks into timeless eroticism.
Back then, civilization reigned supreme.

And, God was beautiful.

To taste intimacy,                                       perchance to taste divinity.


7 comments on “Sensuality”

  1. it would have been better but for…….whisky !

  2. hmmmmmm…. 😉

  3. Well . . . I fail to see the link between a beautiful girl and a horrible liquid . . .

  4. Raj, no need to see the link, but only the ad.

  5. GOD IS beautiful, no doubt!

    But divinity has really nothing to do with eroticism 🙂 Divinity is so much beyond… hope you will get the truly divine experience one day!

  6. I too hope so.
    (But I don’t want eroticism to be stigmatized.)

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