Dasara is here!

What a sorry ad!! The model’s dress is all wrong – incongruous and jarring. Shouldn’t she be aflutter in a silk saree?


6 comments on “Dasara is here!”

  1. I guess this is the picture of the young and modern India.

    However, somebody missed the point completely as the hoarding is to promote Dasara (I guess), a more traditional outfit would have looked so much more elegant.

  2. Dasara, a mere pretext, to the background.
    Red-white scarf (Airtel) to the foreground.

  3. indeed she looks rather ackward..

  4. ‘awkward’ is an understatement, Axinia.
    However auspicious an event, you find people with their own goose to cook.

  5. She would have looked gorgeous if she was wearing a sensuously soft Mysooru silk saree 🙂 since the advertisement is about Dasara. She could have worn a red-and-white Mysooru saree if she wanted to promote Airtel.

    But I guess she wanted to feel comfortable. Though the saree is the most graceful and beautiful dress for a woman, I believe it is neither comfortable nor practical 😦

  6. Scietech, it is a matter of identity. When you are projecting your culture, there is no room for fusion. Nobody here is happy with the way dasara is unfolding.

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