Got it!

By: swaps

Sep 13 2008

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Category: birds


Finally ‘shoot down’
Elusive little birdie
Feasting on berries.

7 comments on “Got it!”

  1. I guess you need to zoom/ focus on the subject properly, clearly…the fruits appear more prominent….the bird is not so vivid but hazy. Otherwise a nice shot..

  2. At full zoom (40x), with the bird hopping around and the tree swaying in the wind….I was lucky to hit its bosom.

  3. That’s a cute birdie, Swaps. By the way, where is your other blog?

  4. @Scietech, that blog is moribund. This photoblog is all I have right now.

  5. That’s sad to hear, Swaps. But keep shooting, your photos are beautiful!

  6. Guess I need to show you mine now :D…I am still smiling 🙂

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