Red blossoms

This is Kukkralli lake. A naturally air-conditioned breathing spot here. A place to watch birds (no quotes).

(Part of Chamundi Hills in the background – lit by the setting sun, looks like it was pasted from another picture).


6 comments on “Red blossoms”

  1. Hey…have u changed your profession or what? Aren’t you goin’ to office??? This is a nice shot…almost a Himalayan feeling…

  2. Sometimes I return early from work for the ‘real’ work.
    Himalayan feeling? Then I will post another shot.

  3. Wow Looks like a place called Blue Mountains near Sydney!!! Good photography!

  4. Thanks!
    For me, Mysore is lovelier than Sydney 🙂

  5. You are simply great! 🙂

  6. @Sakhi, I guess I got a fan? 🙂

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