Veena – preferred instrument of Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge.

Mysore was home to Veena maestro Doreswami Iyengar. He was a colossus in Carnatic music – a tradition we can be proud of. And the tradition is alive.

(The posture of a Veena player is ‘divine’….a sculptor’s dream).


4 comments on “Veena”

  1. intresting perspective…

    Veena is indeed a divine instrument!

  2. Personally, I prefer Hindustani but Carnatic too is very hypnotic but bassy.

  3. guess what?? I learnt veena when I was at school…but could not pursue it 😦 coz of change of place , family situation etc…..I wonder when I would again!! I love music :)…and Carnatic especially!

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