Planet of…

They visit us with their cute kids looking for some refreshments. If they find the door open, they just walk in and help themselves.
But they look sad.

(As per legends, Mysore was part of Kishkinda – the kingdom of apes -of Vali-Sugriv fame from the epic Ramayana).

4 comments on “Planet of…”

  1. cute!
    Is it the Hanumana`a Land?
    btw, I wanted to ask you to tell more about your state, what is so special about it? I know quite a bit about Maharastra and TAmil Nadu, but really nothing about your place.. 😦

  2. Not exactly Hanuman’s.
    Kishkinda was the kingdom whose warriors helped Rama rescue Sita after defeating Ravana. I believe Hanuman was from another kingdom.

  3. They look cute from a distance.

    Once they lose fear of humans, they can be a terror. If you have been to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, there are hundreds of monkeys sitting on trees waiting to pounce on unwary passersby and snatch their bags.

    Not very pleasant if they get aggressive.

  4. These are not. That apple was GIVEN to them by my neighbour.
    (I know how to scare them, shoot with my camera. It works!!)

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