Ready for ‘pooja’

By: swaps

Jul 23 2008


Category: Faith, Flower


Often, I have wondered why offering flowers to the God makes people happy. A flower that has touched the idol is no longer just a flower, it is really His blessing!


5 comments on “Ready for ‘pooja’”

  1. I guess it is basically OFFERING that makes people happy. On top of that-offering something that beautiful and pure…

    Pooja is a beautiful sacred ritual, but it remain a ritula if one is not connected…
    Pooja is probably the most important act form all realigions – the one where a person could come very close to God.

  2. I believe one must be able to see God or Divinity in everything….after all, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, it is all His creation. Literally breath his name, his genius!

    But this should happen spontaneously.
    Rituals are just political acts or at best, childish plays 😦

  3. worshiping God opens the heart and bring a person closer to the Divine.
    Seeeing God in everything is the highest, but how many really can do that?
    very, very few on this Earth…

  4. “worshiping God opens the heart and bring a person closer to the Divine”

    I can only hope it is so. Because I don’t understand it.

  5. so fragrant! i love poojas!

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