Wake me up..

Woken up by your gentle fluttering.
First stirrings of a new day.
First prayer to God.

(I ‘shot’ this pigeon on my balcony).


11 comments on “Wake me up..”

  1. that is a stunning picture!!! compliments!

  2. I am pleased 🙂 More to follow.

  3. Very sweet pic and blog! Beauty and order are the very essence of God to me! See Gen.1:2, for the “fluttering” and “hovering” presence and beauty-order of God!

    Love this poetic line of yours!

    …”And the Spirit of God was hovering (fluttering) over the face of the waters.”

    Fr. R.

  4. “hovering” presence – that is a very comforting thought. Thanks Irishanglican.

    I love poetic lines and you seem to have them in your finger tips. It’s such a pleasure to have you here.

  5. Thank you swaps for your kindnesss! But most of all your pic’s-architecture, and “your” touch of poetic lines. I am just an Irishman that loves the Anglo-Irish lit. etc.

    I do like Shakespeare’s Sonnets of Love. Heck, I just love poetry, but mostly free verse. You?

  6. Irishanglican, I love love poems too. Until I read Lord Byron, I didn’t think English could match Ghazals (couplets in Urdu). English too is beautiful, if you know how to use it. As Shakespeare said, “brevity is beautiful”, I prefer poetry to prose. What is free verse?

  7. Swaps, Free verse is poetic lines that do not need to rhyme. They can have cadence and measured movement, but do not need to rhyme.

    Lord Byron is very good!

    ‘Oh create with me an island of humanity, in the midst of this the face of mindless extinction…the modern world!’

    Fr. R.

  8. Irishanglican, thanks. So free verse is more accessible – if I dare say.

    “Ignorance and greed shall perish.
    Hunanity, in love, will flourish.”

  9. Swaps, The poetic word at its best always makes “accessiblity”…openness! To the open mind and heart.

    Do you enjoy some kind of spiritual or religious nature? I am an Anglican rector and priest. But pure Irish, in an Englishman’s culture! lol (Born in Ireland, but educated in England)

    Fr. R.

  10. I guessed so 🙂 Nice to meet you.

    Actually, I am neither religious or spiritual. I just enjoy beauty and sometimes I stray into religious/spiritual domains.

    I have known Ireland only for IRA. Sorry about it.
    I have seen pictures of Ireland…it is stunning. I wish you would start a photoblog and show me Ireland through your perspective.

  11. Nice to meet ya also! Oh dear, I wish I could get out and about more…I am busy with my people job..lol. I was raised Irish Roman Catholic, so I have my own bent I guess with Irish issues. But things are somewhat better now. But who knows for how long sometimes? But the beauty of Ireland is always in me blood!

    I was a Royal Marine officer in Gulf War 1, so I have seen my share of stuff before the priesthood. I also spent several years teaching theology in Israel. I loved the place and the people!

    You have a gift for photography! And you have a balance with beauty first, and other stuff after…nice!

    I am guessing the pic is your little child? Ya must be “mum” yes? I have two boys myself…my Irish lads, little pistols! lol

    Father Robert

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